Cards with pictures and words for interactive learning. Print cards, cut them and study with pleasure!

  1. Cards with photos of different places in Tampere, Finland, 1 page. kuvakortit-paikat-tampere (pdf)
    Task examples:

    • Tell about your route, for example: «I go from home to a square, from the square to the library, from the library to the swimming-pool.»
    • Questions and answers: «Where are you now? — I’m in the library. Where do you go? — I go to a shop».
    • Next level features: use the verbs in Present and Past Simple (imperfekti) Tenses; tell what you will do in the place you are in/go to; describe the place; specify the time (when do you go).
  2. House, interior, things at home. 2 pages, pdf. sanakortit_huoneet-sisustus-koti Here you will find rooms’ names, furniture, interior stuff and other.
    Task examples:

    • Pick a card and say what’s on it with the translation.
    • Say a simple phrase with the word you picked, like “Olohuone – Minun olohuoneeni on iso”.
    • Work with a partner: ask each other simple questions related to a card you picked. “Verho. – Onko sinulla kotona verhot? Millaiset verhot sinulla on?”
  3.  Adjectives, 4 pages, file pdf. adjektiivit_sanakortit
    This file will be useful both for beginners and intermediate learners, as it contains a lot of words. For beginners I recommend to translate all the words and choose half of them (more frequently used) to start with them. Leatn the first part and leave the rest for the future.
    Task examples:

    • Find synonyms.
    • Find antonyms.
    • Pick a card and tell what thing (person, phenomenon) this adjective might describe. For example: “Korkea. – Talo voi olla korkea, tai puu. / Syvä – lautanen voi olla syvä, uni voi olla syvä.”
  4.  Substuntives, 10 pages, pdf-file. sanakortit
    This file will be useful both for beginners and intermediate learners, as it contains a lot of words.
    Themes: food, drinks, animals, birds, clothes, professions and places for work, different places, furniture and interior.
    Task examples:

    • Pick a card one by one and say what’s on it with the translation.
    • To make it more difficult and interesting, say the whole sentence. For example, if this is food, tell which colour it is, how it tastes, do you like it or not, do you buy it often. For clothes – do you have it, for what season it is good, is it for men or women. For animals – where it lives, have you seen it or not, is it wild or domestic and so on.
    • Pair work: pick up a card, don’t show to your pair. Describe the word so your partner can guess, what it is. Example: Tämä on makea ruoka (jälkiruoka). Minä ostan tai teen sen, kun minulla on syntymäpäivä. – Se on kakku.
    • Pair work, for clothes, furniture and interior: ask your pair if he/she has it, what colour it is, in which room (if furniture).
    • Pair work, about food and drinks: ask your pair if he/she has tasted it and if he/she liked it.