Educational tools, resources and links.

  •  The online course for exchange students, Taste of Finnish. The material consists of 10 chapters, each including three lessons with short texts, dialogues, exercises and grammar. This course gives you a good picture of the Finnish language, a toolbox handy in simple everyday situations with the Finns – a taste of Finnish.
  • The Finnish Teacher – On this website you will find answers to most questions that you might have about Finnish grammar.
  • Venla – Finnish for Foreigners. Free Finnish online language materials. Here you can find the essentials of the Finnish language.
  • How do you learn Finnish? – An article with funny photos, advices and tips.
  • Ymmärrä suomea -free online course. They have also Finnish-English dictionary. Grammar explanations are short, but they have good texts and exercises.
  • This course concentrates on spoken Finnish. Spoken Finnish is different from written Finnish usually taught on Finnish courses. You’ll learn basic everyday vocabulary and useful phrases.
  • The online course of the Finnish language for beginners. Here you will find the short review of the course in English. And here is the course – the first lesson. Please notice, that in the lesson you will find glossary (“Sanasto”) file with translation into English.
  • KÄTS – suomen kielen learning material is especially intended for slow-moving integration of adult immigrants, but it is also suitable for other immigrant language training. The KÄTS-material is designed for training with a target level of about B1.1.

Verbs – Verbit

Grammatical Cases

  • Finnish language: Grammatical cases. In Finnish, we do not use many little words to clarify what we mean. Instead, without using any extra words, we modify the actual word until it conveys the details of our meaning. Nouns can be conjugated in 15 different cases, each serving a particular function.
  • Object in Finnish language – theory and exercises for intermediate and upper-intermediate learners. Below the exercises you will find answers.

KPT changes

Time expressions

VERTAILUASTEET – degree of comparison:

Komparatiivi & superlatiivi

Komparatiivi & superlatiivi

  • Vertailuasteet: ensin kaikkien sanatyyppien esimerkit, sitten taivutus (sijamuodot). Lopuksi esimerkit ja harjoitukset. Suomeksi.
  • Lyhyesti vertailuasteista – ensin adjektiivien, sitten adverbien. Suomeksi

Sekä adjektiivien että adverbien vertailuasteet: teksti, kielioppi, harjoituksia.


Kielitesti: Tämän kielitestin tarkoituksena on selvittää, miten hyvin osaat suomen kielen sanastoa ja kielioppia, jotta selviytyisit YKI-testistä.

Katso, kuuntele, lue: uutiset selkokielellä kirjasta “Tulin Suomeen”.

Verbs: infinitive forms in Finnish Language

Level C1-C2